Women, Money, and Relationships

Elevate your relationship with money.

Navigate how your relationship with money affects all your relationships.

Next virtual workshop coming in early 2024, and private virtual or in-person workshop (if in Miami), available for a group of 5 or more women.

Ladies, society has conditioned a toxic money narrative in us.

As girls, we were often taught a money narrative associated to our gender.

We were taught that making money was risky because it only comes with major sacrifices.

We were taught that men should provide. We should not make more money than our male partners.

We were taught that money wasn’t our business.

“We teach girls to shrink themselves
To make themselves smaller
We say to girls
“You can have ambition
But not too much
You should aim to be successful
But not too successful
Otherwise you will threaten the man”

– Beyonce

Together, let us construct a healthier Money Mindset.

The money game starts with a Positive Money Mindset.

We will tackle the obstacles that come in the way of Women’s Financial Freedom.

And we will do it together as women.

Money is not supposed to be a mystery but for many women it is- because we were not taught how money worked or how money affects all our relationships.

Women often struggle to get by. Living paycheck to paycheck. Not investing their money to create future wealth. Not having a plan. Putting other’s needs before their own. Being underpaid for their work.

I say enough of that – it’s time to rewrite your money story.

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.A 3-Part Series Workshop

Women, Money, and Relationships

Elevate your relationship with money.
Reduce money stress, worry, and fear and increase freedom, choice, and power in your life.

Next virtual workshop coming in early 2024, and private virtual or in-person workshop (if in Miami), available for a group of 5 or more women.

The Results

“I participated in the Women, Money, and Relationships workshop. It was transformative. I was able to recognize the roots of my money beliefs and choose how I want to view money going forward. I felt the benefit of hearing the stories of other women. Recognizing our strengths and struggles is a way to support one another. Susan is a caring and genuine guide through the process of untangling your money beliefs and how money is showing up in your life.”


Boynton Beach, Florida

“MoneyMaestra’s Woman, Money and Relationships class was eye-opening. I learned how important it is to talk about money. I had an opportunity to look at my money story and release any of the thoughts and ideas that were holding me back from financial health and freedom. I took the class with my daughter. I was grateful that we were able to explore our money stories together. The experience created the space for conversation beyond the class.”


Los Angeles, California

My sister and I had the opportunity to enjoy The MoneyMaestra workshop, “Women, Money, and Relationships.” Susan explained in a simple way the necessary financial concepts and how money is interconnected.” Susan also helped us understand the importance of talking about money with our family members, partners, and friends in order to avoid misunderstandings. It was an incredible, interactive workshop! I highly recommend “Women, Money, and Relationships.” 


Miami, Florida

Take Control of Your Money

Your relationship with Money is both logical and emotional. Learn to find the balance between the two- so you can make money work for you instead of causing you stress and worry.

Invest In Yourself

Having a positive and healthy relationship with money is possible. To do this you need to take action- by investing in yourself. The time and money you invest now will exponentially benefit you. You are so worth it.

Create Freedom and Possibility in Your Life

How we think about money directly affects how money shows up in our lives. First, we need to unpack our money stories and shift what does not serve us. First comes the thought, then the intention, then the action, and ultimately the transformation.

This is for you, if you would like to:

  • Breathe easy when you pay your bills.
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Have a better money dialogue with your spouse or partner.
  • Buy a house.
  • Pay for your child’s education.
  • Retire at a young age.
  • Take that vacation.
  • Open that business.

Whatever your desire, first must come the thought, the knowledge, and the belief in yourself. Then comes the actions, that we can all take, to begin to realize our dreams.

Rewrite your story

Let’s get to the bottom of your money story. What is playing on repeat in your head? Is that story holding you back? Let’s rewrite that story so that it serves you and helps you grow.

Do any of these storylines sound familiar?

“How can I create wealth when I can barely get by?”

“I will never make as much money as I need.”

“I am in credit card debt.”

“I am overwhelmed.”

“I don’t understand how money works.”

“My husband/partner and I don’t talk about money together.”

“I started too late. I am behind in the money game and will never catch up.”

“It’s not polite to talk about money.”

“I am ashamed of where I am in my financial life.”

“I am not worthy to be wealthy.”

“I am trapped.”

The words seem harsh in print, but I know these stories and many others play in women’s heads.

We are worthy ladies! So worthy!

Let’s come together in a safe place and unpack these money stories that do not serve us. Together, as women, let’s empower each other, learn core money skills, and discover what is holding us back.

Money is a driving force in the world and on some level we all know this.

So, let’s rock money together and make it work for us!

MoneyMaestra is always a Judgement-Free Zone.

No money shame or embarrassment here.

Meet Your Instructor

Susan Howell, The MoneyMaestra

I didn’t come from money. Yet, I was able to retire at 50 and create a financially free and fulfilling life for myself in Miami, Florida.

I was a Federal Agent for 22 years and investigated many money-related crimes. I worked at both the IRS and the Department of Justice.  After a lifetime of experience on Money Matters, I created MoneyMaestra to help people attain Financial Freedom.

I understand the financial challenges women often face. I know that to better your relationship with money it starts with how you think about and relate to money. The money stories we tell ourselves as women often do not serve us. The good news is we can change our money story, and once our relationship with money improves, it will have a domino effect.

Every relationship in our lives is affected by money in some way. First, we need to examine our own relationship with money.  We will talk about money, learn about money, and transform our relationship with money in a safe, judgment-free zone. Money is freedom, power, and choice and we all can use more of that in our lives.

3-Part Series Workshop

Women, Money, and Relationships

The Ultimate Women-Money Empowerment Program

Next virtual workshop coming in early 2024, and private virtual, or in-person workshop (if in Miami), available for a group of 5 or more women.

In this program you will:

  • Unpack and rewrite the money story playing in your head- so that it serves you instead of works against you. Break down the walls that get in your way.
  • Learn core money skills. These are need to know pieces of the money puzzle.
  • Learn positive money mindset and self-talk and how it improves your relationship with money.
  • ✅ Learn how money affects all of your relationships.
  • ✅ Enhance your money-related communication skills.