MoneyMaestra’s Financial Speaker Series

Empower Your Relationships, Master Your Money, and Create a Life of Financial Freedom!

Transform Your Money Story, Strengthen Your Relationships, and Get on the Path to Financial Freedom!

Transform Your Money Mindset

This Money & Relationships Speaker Series will provide you with the tools and strategies to shift your perspective on money. By addressing your limiting beliefs and rewriting your money story, you will gain the confidence and mindset needed to reduce money stress and cultivate healthier habits and relationships.

Here’s what you are going to learn at this VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE:

Understanding the Impact of Money on Relationships

Understanding the Interconnectedess of Money

Strategies for Getting on the Path to Financial Freedom

Building Good Money Habits

Nurturing Self-Worth and Abundance Mindset

And more...

Empower Your Relationships, Master Your Money, and Get On the Path to Financial Freedom!

Featured Experts

David Treece

David Treece is the President of Treece Financial Group Inc, headquartered in Miami, FL, and he is licensed in twenty states. David works as a fee-based investment advisor representative and is an accredited fiduciary.

Jade Davine

Jade Devine is the founder and owner of Devine Nectar, a fresh pressed juice business, which she created through her personal journey of living a life based around health and wellness. Jade is also a group fitness instructor and Soft Stretch Release Professional.

Mary Benton

Mary Benton founded Bound by Beauty, a grassroots non-profit organization transforming how we interact with nature and neighbors, using butterflies as the catalyst for change. Nature and Money are interconnected.

Meet your Host

Susan Howell

I am a long time resident of Miami, Florida and I have created a life that allows me space to live comfortably, have financial freedom, and pursue my dreams and passions.  I did not grow up with money but I realized at a young age that if I wanted to choose my life I had to figure out the “money thing,” so I did. 

I graduated college with a degree in International Relations and a minor in business and then went on to spend 26 years working for the Federal Government, with six of those years at the Internal Revenue Service and 20 at the Department of Justice. 

I was a Federal Agent for 22 years and investigated many money-related crimes. After a lifetime of experience on Money Matters, I created MoneyMaestra to help people transform their relationship with money and ultimately attain financial freedom.

Step into Your Financial Power, Rewire Your Money Beliefs, and Cultivate Harmonious Relationships!

After registering, interviews will be available to view starting Monday, July 10th, 2023.

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