Budget Like a Boss Program

MoneyMaestra’s Budget Like a Boss Program, helps you clearly see your current financial picture. In order to have clarity and control over your money, you must be fully aware of your current financial situation and spending habits.

A monthly budget is a key building block in the process of getting on the path to financial wellness and ultimately financial freedom.



A monthly budget is instrumental in keeping you present, aware, and accountable, so that money matters no longer cause fear and worry in your life. Once you learn how to create and work a monthly budget, your money matters become less stressful and more on point. It is difficult to actualize money goals and create financial freedom in your life (get rid of the comma after life) if you are not keeping yourself accountable. A monthly zero-based budget keeps you accountable.

I know I may be a bit of a money geek but I venture to say that once you hone your skills, you also will enjoy monthly budgeting and being organized in your financial life. Being responsible with your money brings clarity and freedom that allows you to create space for the pursuit of what matters to you in your life. I call it leaning into “The Joy of Money.”

Remember, no matter where you are in your money situation, being fully aware of your finances and learning to budget are key factors to reducing financial stress and creating calm in your life.

MoneyMaestra offers the Budget Like a Boss Program, at a rate of $497. This includes:
• an initial 2-hour budgeting session with MoneyMaestra
• your monthly zero-based budget subsequently created by MoneyMaestra
• a 45-minute follow-up session with MoneyMaestra where you will review and learn to work your newly created budget

If spouses, partners, or families want to attend the session together the rate is still $497. I look forward to sharing the beauty of a budget with you.