Open the Door to Self-Love and Money

When you see self-love and money together in the same sentence, what emotions does it bring to the surface? What thoughts are flowing, or racing, through your mind?

As women, we are often taught from a young age to be “good,” not make too much noise, and to take care of others’ needs before our own.

Selfish vs. Self-Love

Sometimes the word selfish gets confused with the word self-love, but they are very different:

Selfish: Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition: “concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself; seeing or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others.”

Self-Love: Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition: “an appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue,” and “proper regard for and attention to one’s own happiness or well-being.”

When we practice self-love, we appreciate and value our own self-worth and happiness. That is a beautiful thing. If we do not value our own worth than we certainly are not bringing our best and most authentic self into the world. We are also pushing down feelings of resentment, anxiety, sadness, and anger, which helps no one.

How I Began Practicing Self-Love with Money

In many respects, my childhood was challenging. I grew up in a family that had little money and my father had alcohol addiction issues that affected our entire family. I was young when I realized lack of money also meant lack of choice, especially for my mother, who did not work or drive. I do not think I understood what self-love meant at such a young age, but I did understand that I had to get smart about money quickly. I knew having money would help me rewrite my story.

I was practicing self-love with money at a young age even if I did not know it then. I babysat, pet-sat, had a weekend paper route, and at sixteen, I worked as a cashier in a retail store. Next came waitressing, which I continued throughout my college years.

When I was a young girl, and first started earning money from my odd jobs, my mother walked with me to the local bank and we opened a savings account for me. Back then, you actually received a little bank book and when you made a deposit, the amount was stamped in the book, along with the interest you earned. This was my first introduction to interest and I was hooked- my money making money- yes, please!

Embracing Your Worth

When you embrace your worth, and also learn how to grow your net worth, you are practicing self-love with money. This is not selfishness; it is self-love.

I think most women want liberation and freedom in money matters. Yet, maybe some of us were taught, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” or “Money is the root of all evil.” or “Money is a man’s business.” or “Money is complicated.” or some other limited belief about money.

I say enough. Women and money are a powerful combination that can be a force for good in our personal, family, and community lives. We can also make such a positive difference in the world. Money is not complicated, it just needs to be understood.

The Taylor Swift Factor

I have to do a shout out to Taylor Swift. According to US Travel Association:

Total Economic Impact: A well-cited study by Question Pro calculates that Swifties have already directly spent around $5 billion in destinations around the country. U.S. Travel has confirmed that––though referred to as economic impact––this is a lowball figure, which carefully adds up direct spending by fans.”

Taylor Swift is one woman, a genius yes, but still one woman. Let us all embrace our worth and practice self-love when it comes to money matters. When more women begin to flex our financial muscles- great things will happen.

How to Begin

First, be compassionate with yourself. This is a journey and the road can be bumpy, but the more you learn and grow, the smoother and more liberating the path becomes.

A few Tips:

❤️ Talk to your partner, friends, and family about money. Money conversations are not taboo. If you would like some insight into how to start these conversations, you can read my MoneyMaestra January 17, 2024, blog: Talking To Your Partner About Money.

❤️ Educate yourself on money matters. There are many materials available including books, workshops, and websites (one of my favorites is NerdWallet), and my MoneyMaestra website has valuable information.

❤️ Start creating good money habits. Three areas on which to focus: building an emergency fund, paying off debt, and investing. Even if you do not have much money, begin where you are now. Let time work for you. Money grows over time, and it also feels good to know you are building your financial house.

❤️ Budget. Having a monthly budget is game-changing. Knowing how much you earn and how much you spend, and on what, is eye-opening. Be in charge of your money- do not let it rule you.

❤️ Have a positive money mindset. The thought precedes the action. Let your thoughts help you, not hinder you. Remember, negative thoughts will come up but they are thoughts. Let them pass by and begin creating a healthy money dialogue with yourself. Some of my money mantras: “I am abundant.” “I create wealth in my life.” “I choose my life.” “I live in peace.”

Daily Dose of Nature

For me, a daily dose of nature is imperative to my well-being. When I immerse myself in nature, I see creation all around. Do I create wealth in my life? Yes, I do, and you can too.

Upcoming Opportunity

If you want to learn more about Self-Love and Money, please join Becca Marshall, an Integrative Wellness Coach, who has 20 years of experience in psychology, energy medicine, and holistic, mind-body approaches to cultivating health and well-being and is also the founder of ActivXchange, and me for a virtual connection event: Self-Love and Money on February 22nd, at 7:30 pm ET. Use discount code RECIPROCITY for an 11% discount.

In this month dedicated to love, may we all practice self-love.

With gratitude,

Susan Howell, The MoneyMaestra

Susan Howell
Written by: Susan Howell, The MoneyMaestra.

Even though I grew up without money, I was able to retire at 50 based on my financial practices. I worked for the Federal Government for 26 years, with 6 of those years at the IRS and 20 at the Department of Justice, which included investigating many money-related cases.

I created MoneyMaestra to share what I know and to help people get on the path to Financial Freedom.


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