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MoneyMaestra teaches Financial Literacy and Responsibility classes, gives presentations, and provides money-related consulting and mentoring services to individuals, couples, and families.


Classes can be taught in different time increments, depending on the type of class and the location. 

I recommend my initial starter class that covers many money-related areas that everyone needs to know and that are key to financial literacy and responsibility.  This initial class can be taught in a minimum of 3 hours but 4 hours gives more time to cover the topics more thoroughly.  I can teach the class in one session or divide it into two shorter sessions.

After the initial class is taken, I can then expand on specific topics already covered and/or delve into new additional topics to continue expanding your financial knowledge and tools.  The time needed for these classes depends on the type and quantity of topics covered.

I also teach focus classes, where I take one or two topics and examine them in depth.  A good example of this is my zero-balance budgeting class.   Having a monthly budget, and sticking to it, is one of the necessary keys to keeping your financial life on track-which helps create peace and freedom.  Once budgeting becomes a habit you will be amazed how it simplifies your life.

I teach a class that focuses on money and relationships and how money can affect, often times negatively, relationships when it is either not discussed or given too much power in the relationship. Money needs to be talked about, not hidden or ignored.  I recommend this class for anyone in a relationship: couples, parents and children, siblings, friends- money affects all types of relationships.

I can teach classes in middle schools, high schools, and universities as either a semester class, as part of college freshmen orientation, or as an extra-curricular class.

I teach a class specifically for women, titled: Women, Money, and Relationships. I also teach small or large private or public group classes.


I provide financial literacy and financial responsibility presentations for any event, small or large.  Events can be corporate, private, or in the public sector.  I can travel to your event (inquire for pricing).

Consulting and Mentoring

I offer money-related consulting and mentoring services to individuals, couples, and families, to include creating a budget, analyzing spending habits, managing debt, and financial organizational skills.

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