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Budget Like a Boss


3-hour program with MoneyMaestra


Take Control of Your Money


It’s Simple and Saves Time


Reduce Money-Related Stress

  • 3-hour program with MoneyMaestra
  • Take Control of Your Money
  • It’s Simple and Saves Time
  • Reduce Money-Related Stress

“I had never created a budget because I thought it would be emotionally stressful. Through “Budget Like a Boss” my fears about budgeting are now gone! Susan’s compassion and knowledge made me feel comfortable and confident as we reviewed my finances. I have since saved money for emergencies and vacations!

Judi Pflug,
Middle School Teacher

“I pay off my bills in full monthly and I don’t overspend. Yet, I was always wondering where all my money was going. After the Budget Like a Boss session, I had a game plan and a set budget. This has been liberating! I wish I would have done this a long time ago.”

Gloria Wilder,
Accounting/Billing Supervisor

“We are in our twenties and have money goals and aspirations for our life together but had no idea where to start. After our Budget Like a Boss session, we felt energized and confident about our budget. Susan had so much patience and tenderness towards us. We really felt like we were being taken care of both as a couple and individually. We are so excited to have the Money Maestra on our side! “

Paige and Nick,
Los Angeles, California

“Susan is helping women become empowered through budgeting. Susan helped me create both my personal and business budgets. She provided incredible support throughout the process. Thanks to Susan’s vibe, the sessions felt light and the task manageable. Susan helped me truly appreciate the powerful flow of money.

Becca Marshall,
Founder of ActivXchange & Integrative Wellness Practitioner

“Working with Susan made me feel calmer and less intimidated about having and maintaining a budget. I never thought it could be this fun to set up a budget! It cut down the stress of not knowing where I was financially. I now have more peace of mind knowing my limits and possibilities.”

Iggy Olsson,
Interior Designer

Meet Susan Howell, The MoneyMaestra

Meet Susan Howell,

The MoneyMaestra

Why Budgeting

Creating and maintaining a monthly budget is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get control of your money and to reduce financial-related stress.

Transform your relationship with money in just 3 hours.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make- a budget works.

  • No more money stress
  • It’s simple and saves time
  • Control your money
  • Take away the fear, put in the fun
  • Get rid of the guilt
  • Create space and choice in your life
  • Get what you want with your money
  • Get a sense of relief
  • Financial Freedom starts here

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The Process

A program designed to be fun and fast. Three Steps:

1- Schedule Your Session With MoneyMaestra
Click on the Add to cart button and choose an available date on MoneyMaestra’s calendar to speak with her directly. Together you will choose the best date and time for your 3-hour Budget Like a Boss session.
2- Complete MoneyMaestra's Monthly Budget Worksheet, Ready, Set, Go.

Click on MoneyMaestra’s Budget Like a Boss Monthly Financial Snapshot and fill in the blanks with your information. MoneyMaestra will give you a non-disclosure agreement for the session- your financial information is confidential. 

3- Meet with MoneyMaestra

MoneyMaestra will send you a Zoom login for the scheduled meeting time.

Need to talk to The MoneyMaestra first?
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People often have misconceptions about Budgeting. Let me answer FAQs that are asked of me…

Will I really see results in just three hours?

Yes, budgeting is a key building block to financial success. In three hours we can create your personal budget, or small business budget, and you can learn budget maintenance skills. The Budget Like A Boss Program is straightforward, easy to understand, and will give you a sense of relief and security.

A budget seems tedious, boring, and emotionally overwhelming. Am I ready for this?

Yes, you are. I am passionate about budgeting and making your money work for you. Once you understand how to budget and make it a habit, it is simple and actually saves you time.  A budget is one of the best ways to help you take the emotion out of money matters.

How will I know what to bring to the session?

I have created MoneyMaestra’s Monthly Budget Worksheet: Ready, Set, Go- What you need to know to budget monthly.

After the meeting is over, how do I create the habit of maintaining my budget?

You set aside a specific time every day or two to record your daily spending and any incoming funds.  If you commit to the practice, it becomes easy and believe it or not something I dare say you will enjoy. Knowing that you are mastering your money with only a brief daily time commitment is empowering. Also, the more time passes, the more you change your money habits and the easier it becomes.

What if I am in debt?

Having a budget will make you face your debt head on.  Many people want to ignore debt because it is discouraging and worrisome but ignoring debt makes the problem bigger. Debt can be repaired but you must start the process. Having a budget allows you to adjust your spending habits to create a plan to pay off your debt. 

What if I started late?

The earliest time one can ever start something is now. Yes, of course starting when you are young has additional benefits but any age is a good age to begin budgeting.

What if I am not good at math?

Budgeting is simple math.  You do not need to be “good at math” to budget. Budget Like a Boss will show you the beauty and ease of creating and maintaining a budget.  Budgeting works.


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