4 Reasons People Get Blocked When It Comes To Money

Money, it influences almost everything in our lives, affects all our relationships, and is something we use daily. Yet, many people are blocked when it comes to money. By blocked, I mean:

  • Obstructing the flow of money into your life
  • Not being in control of your money and not making it work for you
  • Not being aware of how your current money situation affects your future money situation
  • Feeling fear, worry, and stress about money

Four of the top reasons people get blocked about money are:

  1. Never learned how money worked
  2. Embarrassed or have shame around their money situation
  3. Unaware or have an “I’ll deal with it later” approach to money
  4. Negative money mindset

The good news is these four money impediments can be overcome with some time, effort, and willingness. The secret is financial responsibility equals financial freedom and it starts with small, doable steps.

I hope you will start this journey. Not only will you gain money and time in your life once your money situation is flowing, you will also gain peace and freedom to live the life you choose.

Let’s break it down…

1. Never Learned How Money Worked

At the present moment, most high schools do not teach courses about financial literacy and financial responsibility. I am hoping to help change that. Can you imagine, if high schools taught teenagers the power of compound interest and how investing at a young age can change the course of their lives? It would be game changing!

The bright side is in 2021 you can learn about money through many different ways:

  • Read financial books. The topics are endless. You can pick and choose your financial interests and concerns. Many of these books are written in a simple, easy to read and understand style.
  • Enroll in financial webinars (e.g.: MoneyMaestra offers multiple money-related webinars throughout the year)
  • Do online research on money-related topics. Do you want to know how stocks work? Check out a website such as NerdWallet and geek out on stock lingo. And please continue to read MoneyMaestra’s blogs- I am a little on fire about financial wellness and financial freedom, in case you haven’t noticed…
  • Talk to your friends and family about money- get the conversation going. Money is not a taboo subject.

2. Embarrassed or Have Shame Around Money Issues

The dictionary defines shame as: a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior. What I say is shame serves no purpose around money issues. Feelings of shame impede your forward motion. These feelings get you stuck in the muck and that is the opposite of flow.

One of the first things I tell my clients is with me, The MoneyMaestra, you have entered a non-judgment zone. That is where the magic starts to happen. When we operate from a place of lightness and learning instead of heaviness and hiding, the energy changes and the results change.

Many people feel alone, like no one else is in the same boat regarding money issues, or that they are so behind on their financial path. Whatever your situation is, there is someone else dealing with serious money concerns too. As each of us faces our money situation, we can then be an inspiration to someone else. So, let’s drop the shame, blame, and embarrassment and replace it with empowerment.

3. Unaware Or Have An “I’ll Deal With It Later” Approach

Many people don’t think about the big picture of money. Yet, the sooner you start learning how to control your money and make it work for you, the smoother your entire financial journey will be.

When someone young tells me, “Oh, I have plenty of time to figure this out”, I like to bring up the compound interest calculator. I have them play with investing different amounts of money ,for various amounts of time, at different interest rates.

Eyes often widen and it quickly becomes apparent that the younger you can start saving, investing, planning for your financial future, and yes, even your retirement-the easier and smoother the path. I started planning and investing for my retirement at age 23. I retired at age 50. Spoiler alert- money awareness and positive money actions from a young age are life changing! Of course, that being said, whatever age you are- start now.

4. Negative Money Mindset

Every action is preceded by a thought. Your mindset about money affects you financially, emotionally, and even physically. What you tell yourself about money matters. So, if I wake up in the morning and say, “I’m broke again and can barely pay my bills”, I have set a tone in my thought process that is not serving me. Whereas, if I wake up in the morning and say, “What can I do today to improve my money situation?” then, I have opened the door to curiosity and potential.

Remember, you are your greatest gift in the game of money. I find that comforting- that I can use my mindset to better my financial life. My mindset is in my control which results in my money being in my control. That is empowering!

When you are open to the flow of money and approach money from an abundance, and not from a scarcity mindset, something shifts. I chose into the game of money and I made it work for me. I hope you will choose in too.

I am curious. What strategy helped you overcome a Money Block in your life? Write your answer in the comments!


Susan, The MoneyMaestra

Susan Howell
Written by: Susan Howell, The MoneyMaestra.

Even though I grew up without money, I was able to retire at 50 based on my financial practices. I worked for the Federal Government for 26 years, with 6 of those years at the IRS and 20 at the Department of Justice, which included investigating many money-related cases.

I created MoneyMaestra to share what I know and to help people get on the path to Financial Freedom.


  1. Cheryl

    Susan, I would say that money mindset is my strength. I always believe that I can make more money. I live in gratitude about all the things in my life, and money is one of them. If I find myself feeling stressed about money, I get calm and clear that I live in abundance.

    • Susan Howell

      Cheryl, I love your money mindset. The thought, mindset, always precedes the action. The belief in yourself to always have the ability to make more money is so key. I have the same belief in myself and it has not failed me.

  2. Karyn

    I grew up in a family where we always had enough, but there was not much extra. I’ve always believed that I will have enough. I’m shifting my mindset to believe that I can also have extra. This helps me to make better choices so that I can plan for my future. I love the concepts surrounding financial freedom that are discussed in the Money Maestra blogs!

    • Susan Howell

      Karyn, thank you for your comment. Having enough and having extra are not mutually exclusive- yes, you can have both! Cheers to financial freedom!

  3. Jairo Gutierrez

    Great article Susan!

    All these topics are easily visible in people, even most of the time you can visualize this as a process, The people don’t learn how the money works, then they start to “deal with it later”, in some point they realize that they wish had started to take it importance sooner than fall in their current situation then they start to feel embarrassed around money issues, and that money issues could trigger their Negative Money Mindset

    • Susan Howell

      Thank you Jairo! Yes, once we bring our money issues out into the light and face them head on- the process begins. Money matters can be learned at any age. Many people never really learned how money works and then have the “I’ll deal with it later” thought process. Yet, the sooner you can start making your money work for you the smoother your financial journey. Money grows over time-so let’s get time on our side and start now.


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