I help people achieve

Financial Freedom

Through Coaching, Workshops, Public Speaking, and Presentations.


Self-Love & Money
How To Create A Relationship With Money That Feels Good


Thursday, February 22nd at 7:30pm ET (Online Event)

Money and

Mindfulness Mingle


Wednesday, February 28th at 7pm ET at Inhale Miami.

Corporate Packages

Financial Literacy course delivered during lunch or intensively as a benefit for your employees.

One-on-One Coaching

My premium Program to help set financial goals, and make sure you meet them.

Budget Like a Boss

A complete program where you will develop your skills to get control of your money and to reduce financial-related stress.

Specialized Workshops

Money can work for you at any stage in your life. Two in-depth programs that are game changing:

Student Financial Success Course

Women, Money & Relationships

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Are concerned about

your retirement plans.

Do not have a plan for your children’s

college or want to buy a home.

Do not know where your

money is going every month.

Have a hard time sticking

to your budget.

i Am susan howell

the money

I didn’t come from money. Yet, I was able to retire at 50 and create a comfortable and fulfilling life for myself in Miami, Florida.

I was a Federal Agent for 22 years and investigated many money-related crimes. I worked at both the IRS and the Department of Justice. After a lifetime of experience on Money Matters, I created MoneyMaestra to help people attain financial freedom.

I rewrote my money story, and I now live the life of my dreams. I want to share my vision with you. I believe we all get to choose our own life.


I never thought it could be this fun to set up a budget! It cut down the stress of not knowing where I was financially. I now have more peace of mind knowing my limits and possibilities.”

Iggy Olsson,

Interior Designer

“I pay off my bills and I don’t overspend. Yet, I was always wondering where all my money was going. After my session, I had a game plan and a set budget. This has been liberating!

Gloria Wilder,

Billing Supervisor

“We are in our twenties and have money goals and aspirations for our life together but had no idea where to start. After our session, we felt energized and confident about our budget”

Paige and Nick

Los Angeles, California

I thought it would be emotionally stressful. Susan made me feel comfortable and confident as we reviewed my finances. I have since saved money for emergencies and vacations!

Judi Pflug,

Middle School Teacher