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Susan Howell

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Learn how to take the stress and fear out of money and put in the freedom and fun.

My name is Susan Howell, aka MoneyMaestra, and I want to help you learn how to control your money instead of it controlling you. Money is a neutral but people often give money power by not understanding how it works and not knowing the habits and skills you need to develop to put money in it’s place- as a tool to help you create the life you want. 

There is a Financial Literacy gap in society, it is rarely taught in our education system and is often not discussed at home. I have been financially responsible since I was a young teenager and I know it creates freedom because I am living the life I choose.

My Passion

I am passionate about teaching Financial Literacy and Financial Responsibility because it is a game-changer.
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When you take the mystery out of money related matters, the life you want comes into focus.


Susan presents financial topics in such an informative manner that is easily grasped and understood. She is very personable and professional. This class improved the knowledge and attitudes of my Girl Scout troop. I would highly recommend Susan’s class.

Shannon Carlson

Co-teaching with Susan Howell in the Women, Money and Meditation series was a joy. Susan brings enthusiasm and a clear practicality to her presentations which are informative and helpful to anyone trying to make sense of budgets, credit, and numerous other financial topics. Susan is not just an expert in her field – she also has a daily meditation practice that, as she put it, is a ‘game changer’.

Buddhist Lama Karma Chötso

I invited Susan Howell to present a basic lecture on Financial Responsibility to my doctoral graduate students. She explained complex business principles in easy to understand terms. The students remarked that this was the best lecture of the year. Practical knowledge they could start using the next day. She takes the fear out of financial planning. Entertaining and realistic. Thank you Susan!

Thomas Merrill DPM

Professor, Barry University

My friend Nancy and I attended a 3-hour mother and daughter financial seminar presented by Susan Howell. We had five young women with us who really had no clue about finances. It was great to see them learn about their credit score (how a good score opens many doors), how credit cards work, checking accounts, savings accounts, even relationships and money.  How to manage their money when they start working, including always earmarking some for emergencies and savings. My daughter still talks about it. She even points out things that you should or should not do. Thank you Susan – what a valuable lesson you are teaching our youths!!

Gloria A. Wilder

Accounting/Billing Supervisor

I hired Susan to teach a 3-hour Financial Literacy and Responsibility Course to my dental staff and their daughters. Susan’s teaching is easy to understand, effective, and engaging. Her passion for the subject is evident. She takes the stress out of learning about money and actually makes it fun. The adults and the teenagers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and walked away with a much better understanding of money and how it works. What Susan teaches can be immediately applied to your life!

Gloria Alvareztorre DMD

North Miami, Florida.

I am an eighth grade public school teacher.  Susan volunteered several times to present lessons on financial literacy and responsibility to my class.  Susan’s presentations were exciting and interesting and captivated the students’ attention.  Her ability to understand and listen to the students created an environment of trust as many of these students are unsure of their financial future.  Susan taught them the importance of saving money and creating a plan for college.  She gave them the tools to empower their lives through financial responsibility on a level that they not only understood but about which they became excited. The students looked forward to her classes and the many discussions that included a multitude of money-related topics. These lessons changed their lives and gave them valuable tools for their financial future. Thank you Susan for volunteering your time to help positively shape the future of these students!

Ms. Pflug


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